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Our Purpose

WorkReel’s mission is to help people get work faster. We make recruitment modern and easy for the service sector.

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Our Solution

WorkReel replaces traditional CVs, resumes and cover letters with fast, engaging video-based content.

For Employers

  • An employer can view WorkReel and gain more insight faster then any traditional method.
  • View a candidates 'key essentials' like skills, salary, location and presence. WorkReel is a modern day portfolio that showcases a candidates real experiences.

For Talent

  • Candidates can instantly get to know an employer through a short-form video of the venue or team, quickly assess the offer, distance and background and simply tap to chat and apply.
  • WorkReel offers insight into culture, style and atmosphere of a business and its opportunity. This reduces 'mass application submission' as well as some trial and interview processes.

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