Company Purpose

Make recruitment modern and easy for the service sector

WorkReel’s mission to is help people get work faster, affordably and accurately

Recruiting is cumbersome, time-consuming and not geared for service sector

The Problem

Recruitment tech not built for service sector

CV’s don’t show skills

Lack of mobile, video-led connections

What problem are we trying to solve?

WorkReel's co-founders have had a pain point over the last 20 years: recruitment. We have had to continuously undergo a long tedious process to find out a talent's skills, personality, and work preferences when making a hiring decision.

Our vast network of hospitality operators also agrees that recruiting is cumbersome, time-consuming, and not geared for the service sector. Similarly candidates have limited insights into their prospective employer and majority mass apply without reading job descriptions, resulting in a disengaged talent pool. Recruitment is broken for skill based jobs.

Traditional recruiting has vastly changed, with face to face interactions no longer an integral part of the process. Talent is looking for more flexibility in their work and prefer short videos over text. They like to instantly know employers' pay, distance, schedule, and culture. Traditional job boards and today's apps lack a modern visual approach.

Why now?

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digitisation as businesses rapidly adopt new technologies. The digital recruitment transformation represents the subsequent post-pandemic business recovery and growth stage.

Cloud storage and Wi-Fi video streaming have become mainstream and cost-effective with advancements in smartphones and server technologies. Video is now the preferred method and primary form of communication by Gen Z.

In November 2021, Mark Zuckerberg said, "When I started the company, it was about text into a computer, and then we got phones, cameras, mobility, and the Internet became visual... Now the video is the primary way to share experiences."

Why does the old way no longer work?

The dominant recruitment methods for hiring are time-consuming, inefficient and unsuited to the fast-paced, real-time-visual world and the unique needs of service industries. Recruitment in hospitality, retail and other service-based jobs has become highly competitive, especially in the UK, through macro forces such as Brexit, COVID and the availability of gig work. As people have gotten accustomed to short videos through TikTok, Instagram and Facebook now is an excellent time to launch a job app geared for the modern user. WorkReel replaces traditional CVs, resumes and cover letters with fast, engaging video-based content. An employer can view WorkReel to establish the candidate’s personality, presentation, desired salary, location and availability all within a 7 second time frame. A WorkReel is a portfolio of photos or videos showcasing a candidate’s skills and examples of work. Compared to generic text based job applications, the visual content provided by a WorkReel offers a more expansive, creative and realistic way for candidates to demonstrate their abilities. This reduces or even eliminates the need for resource-expensive in-person interviews and trial shifts. Candidates can also instantly get to know an employer through a short video overview of the venue or team, quickly assess the offer and distance, and tap to apply and chat.