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WorkReel is a video-based talent market place where Business and People connect to match for Full-Time, Part-Time and temp (gig) hiring.

  • Show skills with photos and videos
  • Watch employer venues and job adverts
  • Tap and chat to get jobs fast
  • Focused on hospitality jobs in London
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WorkReel is video led recruitment

Watch Talent & Employers WorkReel

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Traditional made modern

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Talent WorkReel

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Employer WorkReel

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Employer Vidtro

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Easily upload your 7-second ‘vidtro’ to show your skills!

No longer rely on cumbersome & time-consuming methods using text-based and generic CV's. This accepted process is inefficient and unsuited for a fast-paced, real-time-visual world.

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Talent and Employers can join today for FREE

£0 - Free to join

  • Create WorkReel (WR)
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  • Post Video Jobs
  • Create employer branding
  • View limited talent

Employers - one time

£19/per 10 connections
  • Benefits to join and post jobs
  • View unlimited talent
  • Shortlist talent
  • Connect with talent
Employer - subscription
£249/per month
  • Unlimited WorkReels
  • Unlimited connections
  • Unlimited chats
  • Unlimited notifications
  • Profile boost
  • Client manager

What are talent saying:

Testimonial 01
”I instantly get the feel of the venue, what they offer and to apply I simply tapped.”
— Julie Monroe
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“I’m a chef and always take photos of my food so my WorkReel was pretty much already done and took no time at all.”
— Paul Taylor

What are employers saying:

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“The level of insight I got from the talent WorkReel gave me the confidence to offer a job on the spot.”
— Simon Davidson
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“My recruitment process normally takes me 3 days but hearing the talent passion was so nice and her WorkReel showed she had great experience, I just had to offer her the job.”
— Rebecca Wilson

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